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Anyone on a self-healing journey can benefit from the empowering approach to boundaries in this book. As someone who struggled myself, I found Holly's work to offer a unique and refreshing approach to boundary setting. This book is smart and unique and written for the person who wants to protect their energy + own their power!

— Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist

My entire life I have looked for and found many incredible sheroes and Holly is one of them. Through story-telling and concrete actions I now know how to become my own SHERO.

- Faith Winter, Colorado State Senator

It's time to feel seen and understood as your true self.

If you find yourself in a rotating door of toxic work environments, draining cycles with friends and family members or oppressive romantic relationships you need to know this: you do not deserve mistreatment just because it frequently finds its way to your door. 

Through these pages, life coach and advocacy expert, Holly Tarry, guides you in an intentional process to claim the spot as CEO of your life.

When you start making and enforcing the rules about how you are treated, the drain of resentment and overwhelm will give way to clarity about what you want and the energy to pursue it.

In her book, you’ll learn how to:

Slow down to hear your true self    
Harness the wisdom of your patterns 
Execute boundaries to protect your energy
Recreate and attract the relationships you really want
Own your power and march with an open heart

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"A refreshing, honest look at what really happens behind closed doors, and how to stand for yourself in the calm and storm. A guidebook for self actualization!"

— Holly Morphew, CEO + Founder, Financial Impact

"Holly is full of juicy ideas for creating a new structure in your life, not simply accepting the roles and stories you were handed.”

— Nancy Kepner, Crafted Leadership

"This book comes at an important time - a time when women have increasing opportunities and increasing demands. Navigating the tangles of this world while maintaining joy and pursuing meaning takes intentionality and that's what Holly calls us to do."

—Jessica Campbell-Swanson, Founder, Brighter Day Strategies

"This book will allow you to create the boundaries you need in your life, and it will give you the power to enforce your will with greater ease and confidence. Holly Tarry's vulnerability is deeply touching and her family's transformation is nothing short of inspirational!"

-Melanie Ulle, CEO, Philanthropy Expert

“I’ve started implementing the practices and see benefit from my SHERO habits already. All the stars.”

— Jessica C.

“This is the new go-to program for self empowerment. Regardless of your situation, you will love it!”

— Jaye G.

“I already have more energy for creating a more empowered and service-oriented life!”

— Kimberly B.

“Holly provided powerful insights into overcoming lack of personal boundaries.”

— Courtney S.

Hi, I'm Holly.

I’ve been on a wild ride to redesign my life, write a book about my lessons and help others connect with their true selves so they can discover what they really want and reclaim the energy they need to pursue it.

Learn More About Me 

I’ve developed a Power Boundaries Revolution because I believe transformation begins with protecting your energy.

Through my Power Boundaries System I help women radically transformation their relationships in 90 days without having to convince the other person of anything!

Unhealthy relationships drain our energy and keep us disconnected from our true selves but we often stay in them due to societal rules and loyalties. We remain exhausted and unfulfilled until we say “NO” to the arbitrary playbook and “YES” to our actual values.

Boundaries are the first step in finding your path because without them you don’t have the energy to do anything except what is familiar.

Let's Go!

“Power Boundaries was captivating and inspiring, and it proves that the road to healing and honoring your true self is within reach.”

— Laura T.