Nice to meet you, I'm Holly Tarry.

I'm so glad you're here.

I believe the world needs your truest self and I can’t wait to help you create your great big life.

My journey

“Powerful, honest, emotionally raw and insightful. And a little funny as well! Holly Tarry breaks down power boundaries using examples we can all relate to. She encourages growth, healthy relationships and speaks with passion.”

— Rachel Klein, RLK Group

“I heard Holly's coaching voice in a no-nonsense tone and related to so much as a woman.”

— Courtney S.

“The author's style is like she's right there talking to you, encouraging and supportive while you find the strength to stand up for yourself and begin creating your own power boundaries.”

— Elizabeth T.

I speak for my dog in a cartoon voice with lots of cussing. I hit the road every chance I get with my little family in our camper van. I color in coloring books and protect my favorite markers viciously. I dance and sing constantly.

I always go swimming.

My journey

“Holly Tarry’s Power Boundaries is a gut-wrenching, love-filled, arm-in-arm walk through the wilds of self-discovery to a place of personal empowerment, ownership of our own voice, and the possibility of unabashed joy.”

— Beth H.

“Tarry's writing has you look inward. It reminds you that you're worth something and what you have to say is worthwhile.”

— Laura T.

I was a professional lobbyist for 10 years, I know how to rock a power suit

…and sometimes I play dress-up with toddlers.

My journey

“Through personal stories of her journey working though toxic relationships -some repaired, some not- Holly shares her S.H.E.R.O. system to encourage us to hear our own voice, identify our patterns, set our boundaries, identify what it is we want, and own it all with an open, joyful heart.”

— Beth H.

My journey

For several years, I have been waging my own personal revolution- confronting my patterns, protecting myself and my family with boundaries, connecting with my true voice and breaking a trail which is completely mine. I’ve promoted myself to CEO of my own life. I do the job in earnest with pride.

Along the way, I joined a public and grueling fight to expel an elected official from office for harassing me in my role as a lobbyist, the first such expulsion in over 100 years.

I confronted my upbringing, full of gender roles and polite racism, and set boundaries with my family of origin which align with my moral compass.

I remodeled my marriage (and our family home) to build a partnership where I can take care of myself, radically, while we learn to connect as equals. My husband, Jason, and I completely changed the way we parent our son to prioritize- before chores or grades or sports or social standing- his emotional wellbeing.

My lessons have taught me to deeply understand and embrace my specific brilliance: liberating badass women from toxic relationships. I have been devouring women's stories for years and helping them transform their relationships, lives and selves radically.

Through writing, coaching and educating I create wellness and connection in the world as an alternative to the patriarchy and its exploitative standards which make and keep us all sick, dim, scared, insecure and competitive with one another. I am creating a really big, exciting life full of adventure and leadership for myself and I envision a world full of others who believe in that abundance.

I have the energy to pursue this work because of boundaries. I am free of toxic, draining relationships because I have said no to people who sink me and yes to those who help me fly. I am deeply committed to guiding others toward their unique path in this world and teaching the power of boundaries to protect that precious energy so it can stay focused on my highest priorities. 

I understand, first hand, how scary and liberating change can be. And I know this:

I am brave and so are you.

Start your own revolution today 

You deserve the life you want. Start creating it today.